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Who are we?

From the greatest cathedrals in Europe, the most exotic food in Asia, the highest mountain in Africa, to the wettest rain forest in South America, at iMungo, travel is our passion and adventurous is our nature. We come from all corners of the world and would like to share our travel experiences with you via this platform, so please come join us in our global village.

Why use iMungo?

You can upload your amazing travel photos to share your travel experiences. You can tell your stories of a lifetime by writing your own travel journals. Bookmark, like, or write comments on other member's photos and journals.

Whether you are a solo backpacker or traveling with family, finding like minded travelers or whoever happens to cross your path is as easy as 1-2-3 through our member search or inside our public chatroom. You can also get to know other members in a more personal way by sending them private messages.

Been to many different countries? Great, show it off by creating your own travel map for other members to see.

What is our goal?

We won't rest till everyone gets up and goes places. We're constantly making improvements to our website and app, so more features and enhancements will be added soon just to serve your traveling needs.

So what are you still waiting for?
Pack your bags cause we're going on vacation!